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Microlocation is May Be the Biggest Feature of iBeacon


iBeacon is an implementation of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) which enables very precise micro-location triggers for events in iOS 7 apps. Recently it’s not only coming to iOS only but also Android user will also experience this feature. BLE is especially useful in places indoor where GPS location data my not be ...

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Improve Your Indoor Positioning System

iBeacon apps for shopping

These years, position based service has became more important. Several apps in the area of e-commerce are depending on a well estimated position of customers in wireless networks. As an example, advertisements in many large stores or guidelines in museums with handheld devices is only worth if there is an exact ...

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iBeacon as Indoor Positioning System


How iBeacon grows as technology that opened retailers mind in the new level of advertising, has changed everyone’s mind in growing iBeacon. This tiny device contains of many benefits that enable business to grow better. iBeacon itself is a tiny device that transmits signal. A smartphone that compatible with Bluetooth ...

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