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Best Development of the Cubeacon Technology

ibeacon device

Nowadays we can easily meet people taking device with ios 7 working system. Advantages of all the applications these devices have become a strong motivating factor. But when everyone has the same difficulty in developing applications then all such sophistication does not provide an answer. This device is still in ...

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First Store which Applying iBeacon Technology


There is a significant improvement in business technology. One of them is the use of ibeacon technology. If it is your first time knowing about ibeacon, you can just learn it in detail here. You can learn about how ibeacon bluetooth works as well as the application of this technology ...

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iBeacons technology : Is it Safe?

ibeacon payment apps

With the recently-introduced and developed technology from Apple company making its hit and buzz amongst many business owners and other layers of our modern society, one might question the credibility and the safety of the technology. Of course, it makes sense since the more convenient a technology is, usually, the ...

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iBeacons Technology in Finding Things

ibeacon location base advertising

To help the reader to understand more about the recent technology called iBeacon, here will be explained the gist of how the things work. So this technology uses the features of bluetooth low energy in its working. It relies on its capability to transmit signal and transferring the necessary data ...

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