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How to Increase Your Sales with iBeacon – an Infographic

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In this digital era, retailers are using the benefits of iBeacon technology to increase their sales. As a perfect device for contextual mobile advertising, iBeacon is used by retailers to create better shopping experience. iBeacon transmits Bluetooth signal and when a smartphone caught the signal, a message will pop up ...

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iBeacon and Food Companies


Digital era has helped us to live easily. With more connection between each other, It seems like today we can do anything through our smartphone. The main thing about digital era is that we can do everything we need quickly. In fact, its practical progress is always win for you ...

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iBeacon Technology Will Reduce Traffic


Saint John is a crowd city. Full of Cafe and Stores on in their downtown makes this city is full of shoppers and rush activity. City Councillor said, “We had a parking problem. Shopping in our core would often result in a ticket, or in customers going to shop and once ...

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Smaller Screen, Smarter Advertising


We’ve seen that moment when we started using a large screen as advertising. You can see it in a mall, in almost every corner of big city where it flashes some big seducing words or a video of people try to explain their products with various promo. The question is, ...

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