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9 Ways of iBeacon is Changing The World


So far, we have read stories of iBeacon implementation. iBeacon technology is potentially changing retail business and boosting their sales. Just like what happened in MC Donald when they use iBeacon and successfully boost their Mc Nugget sales. How iBeacon is supposed to change the world is divided into 9 ...

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Microlocation is May Be the Biggest Feature of iBeacon


iBeacon is an implementation of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) which enables very precise micro-location triggers for events in iOS 7 apps. Recently it’s not only coming to iOS only but also Android user will also experience this feature. BLE is especially useful in places indoor where GPS location data my not be ...

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Cubeacon Card – The New Version of Beacon


  The new version of beacon is now available. Cubeacon Card is now available in a limited stock. Read the details of Cubeacon Card below: Datasheet will be available to download only by request via email. Contact cs@cubeacon.com for more information    

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iBeacon in Airport – Hamad International Airport


Hamad International Airport recently has released an apps with iBeacon enabled for the passengers in their airport. The apps is launched for the passengers to ease them finding their destination while in the huge airport. The mobile apps provides immersive experience and stay connected while the passengers travel through Qatar’s iconic ...

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How to Set Your Store Campaign Using Cubeacon


The hype of iBeacon technology has driven marketers and retailers build different experience in shopping. Contextual Mobile Advertising is used to engage customers and increasing sales at the same time. This is some new trend in marketing and customer loyalty. Well it’s not really that new, this idea has been ...

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