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Museum and iBeacon Technology


Met and other museums are investing in technologies to make the museum experience more interactive, even working with the smartphones that guests carry with them. The Met has a staff of 70 in the digital-media department, and 70 more handling tech hardware in general. Rather than fighting Facebook and YouTube, ...

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The Secret Behind iBeacon

Smart Bluetooth Device in iBeacon

This century we can see technology rule the world. It is in our home, our public places, our ride, even in what we wear. Technology have illuminated the way of living. In some cases, technology helps many people getting their activities done quickly. For example is a Laptop. It is ...

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Smart Ideas After Deploying iBeacon Technology.

smart ideas after installing iBeacon

iBeacon is a tiny technology that you will never regret to install. I am saying this because what iBeacon can do for you and your business is better. This is real because iBeacon deployment has spread in almost every single place or location in the world. Starts from store and ...

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