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GameStop Boost Their Customer Engagement With iBeacon

gamestop ibeacon

GameStop, a video game and electronics retailer with thousands of locations in the US, as well as posts in Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, isn’t threatened by showrooming or e-commerce, says Charles Larkin, GameStop’s senior director, Technology Innovation. The retail chain has built such an army of in-store tech ...

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American Eagle Installed iBeacon and Created ShopBeacon

american eagle outfitters ibeacon

During the year of 2014, the use of geo-data, geo-fences, beacons, ultrasound, even LED lighting and magnetic positioning systems, have coalesced around geo-targeting consumers both outside and inside store locations. 2014 showed these tools more strongly embedded in digital ad campaigns than ever before. It has been growing better and ...

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iBeacon as Bluetooth Proximity Marketing

ibeacon proximity

iBeacon and marketing have become a bestfriend this year. iBeacon casually comes out to the world with their brand new features for technology. Somehow, iBeacon has helped many companies in improving their marketing or advertising. iBeacon made the companies that installed them leading in technology especially in engaging customers. Many ...

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iBeacon; The New Retailer’s Bestfriend

ibeacon retailers

Tiny device that is getting popular right now is iBeacon. It seems like it will be some businesses’ bestfriend. A device which uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)-powered 4.0 technology, the iBeacon is a transmitter which enables a smart phone or other device to perform actions when in close proximity, opening ...

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iBeacon; The New Generation of Mobile Advertising

Smiling phone

Since it is released in 2013 by Apple, iBeacon has been growing so fast through many subjects and advertisement in the world. It is spreading to the world and admitted to be helping a lot of business. With its features such as Geofencing and analytic, this technology released by Apple ...

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