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Changes of Retails with iBeacon Technology


The retail sector was one of the first to realise the potential value of the data that digital transactions and online behaviour generates. Even before the days when it dominated online commerce – back when it only sold books – Amazon was able to offer its customers personal recommendations based ...

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Verve has Added iBeacon Technology to Community Panel App


Panel research company Verve has added Apple’s iBeacon bluetooth-based location technology to its Community Panel app to extend its retail research opportunities. This bluetooth based technology allows Verve to track members as they travel into and around iBeacon fitted stores a development which is being rolled out by leading retailers ...

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Smart Ideas After Deploying iBeacon Technology.

smart ideas after installing iBeacon

iBeacon is a tiny technology that you will never regret to install. I am saying this because what iBeacon can do for you and your business is better. This is real because iBeacon deployment has spread in almost every single place or location in the world. Starts from store and ...

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6 Things You Can Get by Installing iBeacon Technology

Woman shopping at the supermarket

Tiny device called iBeacon is now emerging in almost every cool places in the world. This tiny device works with Bluetooth Low Energy is bestfriend for retail business. It will transmit signal and if a smartphone caught the  signal, it will send notification or information. It is using Bluetooth smart. ...

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What’s Retail Trends in 2015?


The retail industry readily embraced technology in 2014, offering options such as mobile apps, smart dressing rooms, click to collect features and more for consumers. Now in 2015, retail analysts predict that brick and mortar retailers from multiple consumer product categories will be implementing even more technology to improve customer ...

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