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9 Ways of iBeacon is Changing The World


So far, we have read stories of iBeacon implementation. iBeacon technology is potentially changing retail business and boosting their sales. Just like what happened in MC Donald when they use iBeacon and successfully boost their Mc Nugget sales. How iBeacon is supposed to change the world is divided into 9 ...

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6 Ways of How iBeacon is Changing Retail


We’ve heard stories of retailers that succeed to increase their sales with iBeacon technology. These stories came up since 2014 and keeps growing up until now. There are more and more retailers that’s choosing iBeacon as a boost device to their sales. If you one of retailers, you might want ...

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Beacon Implementations for Trucking and Gate System

Cubeacon for gate system

We can find more beacon implementation these days. From a retail to logistic and even in a gate system. These implementation will keep growing due to the needs of smarter technology and people’s need to do their job practically. In this case, Cubeacon also innovates to join in and build ...

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How can a Hotel Increase Their Customer Experience

Marriott Hotel with iBeacon.

For a hospitality industry, it is important to keep a customer satisfied with services. Giving the best for customers seems easy but in hospitality industry not everyone can accept the same way a hotel treat others. Communication is needed. To connect and understand every customer that way you can see ...

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iBeacon Implementations for Banking

As a technology that keeps growing, implementations of iBeacon keep showing. Not just in a retail but also in many sectors such as public transportation and in a building. In building we can find smart office or smart home with this technology. Recently, iBeacon was used for event such as ...

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London Buses Implement iBeacon Technology

london buses

Apparently, iBeacon is not only for retailers and marketing. There are several way of implementing iBeacon in many sectors. I wrote about iBeacon use cases in public transportation yesterday and I found 5 useful use cases which any country can implement. London, is also implementing iBeacon in their buses. London ...

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