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Cubeacon: Why You Should Use This?


Cubeacon is one of beacon products out there in the market, produced by Eyro Digital Teknologi Ltd. The emergence of these products can be referred from one of the newest innovation from Apple Inc., which is Ibeacon. Ibeacon is a technology for smartphones that let the user knows about information ...

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A Bunch of Great Features of Cubeacon

ibeacon cubeacon offer

Getting updated of the technology and also the product of technology is such a fun idea for many people. That is especially for the people who are always interested in the development of technology nowadays. The gadget freaks are also often interested in those kinds of information. For sure, the ...

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Cubeacon Benefits for VIP Shopper

ibeacon smart shooper

For VIP shopper, Ibeacon is considered as a great facility. Can you imagine that you can now do your shopping in simple and fast way without spending a lot of time anymore? This device is actually a Bluetooth that has low amount of energy used in it. When you use ...

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Development Technology Ibeacon for Android

ibeacon for android OS

Using a mobile phone or Smartphone with a basic android application has become everyone’s needs. Android is able to be used easily and according to taste. Many people could buy an application in accordance with fondness. And even dispose of the application when it is not needed and replace it ...

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How to Choose the Best Ibeacon Bluetooth Development

ibeacon hardware device

Are you apple users, iphone or smartphone with android? If you are looking for an advanced technology to run the system then the choice of ibeacon blutooth is very precise answer. Many users of iPhone or other smart phone that keeps complaining with benefit applications are very bad. The main ...

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Improving Sales with the Help of iBeacon

ibeacon improve sale

Despite it being released by Apple originally, the application is today used and adopted by various operating systems one of which is Android. The android ibeacon offers the exact same feature as iBeacon but is now available for the millions of Android users worldwide. Given this, you can now boost ...

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