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iBeacon; The 2015 Retail Solution

ibeacon for retail

As much as people need grows bigger and bigger, retail industry is going higher and higher. Perfect combination of how business is going. Retail industries have widen their market by doing online shopping and on land shopping. Clearly increasing customers and sale by various marketing ways. Online shopping is something ...

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Which iBeacon Are You?

human with technology.

Talking about iBeacon, there have been a lot of magic that has been created by it. Whether it’s about engaging customers, receiving brochure, find location, or tracking what most wanted in your store. These have been many proves for iBeacon to show that iBeacon is one of most affecting technology ...

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Best Parts of iBeacon for Business

ibeacon for smart shopping

There is a case that specific signal can’t used effectively indoor. In fact, if you can use indoor signal technology, you can even support your business. It seems that installing GPS is also impossible to do indoor. Instead, you need to think about something small which can transfer signal effectively. ...

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What You Will Get From iBeacon For Your Business


There are various ways to serve your beloved customers and make them satisfied. One way to do it is by updating the technology of your service. For your reference, you can buy ibeacon to support your business activity. The question is what this tiny device can do to support your ...

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