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6 Things You Can Get by Deploying iBeacon Technology

Woman shopping at the supermarket

Tiny device called iBeacon is now emerging in almost every cool places in the world. This tiny device works with Bluetooth Low Energy is bestfriend for retail business. It will transmit signal and if a smartphone caught the  signal, it will send notification or information. It is using Bluetooth smart. ...

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Big Change of iBeacon in iOS 8 for Travel Marketers


iBeacon is Apple’s huge step of Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) proximity-aware transmitting devices, Beacons. iBeacon is small and cheap transmitters that can be used by retailers and other businesses to communicate with consumers on their smartphones while they’re present at locations such as airports and hotels or any other public location. ...

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iBeacons Technology in Finding Things

ibeacon location base advertising

To help the reader to understand more about the recent technology called iBeacon, here will be explained the gist of how the things work. So this technology uses the features of bluetooth low energy in its working. It relies on its capability to transmit signal and transferring the necessary data ...

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