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iBeacon Will Serve Your Breakfast

hillshire ibeacon

iBeacon technology is getting wider and wider. After its debut on 2013, iBeacon keeps growing into a huge step of technology to every companies that stepped to install it. Become one of the most interesting technologies especially in push notification, many business would like to install it and leading in technology. ...

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New Technology for Smart Advertising


Although many people find the fun in shopping, but most people still find marketing strategy giving them inconveniences. Large banners with huge sign on discount may attract people to go into the stores, but it’s often full of false offers. Besides, stores often hire aggressive salespersons that can shove up ...

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Knowing Much about Cubeacon Features

ibeacon device

Nowadays technology has been developed really rapidly. All people can enjoy all the benefits from the technology which they use. For sure, the technology will be really useful for any ranges of the people. Any technologies are invented in order to fulfill the need of simplicity of anyone. That is ...

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How iBeacon makes a Difference

ibeacon for future shopping

iBeacon is no longer a foreign application for many. Though was initially released by Apple, absolutely anyone can access the application, download it from the ibeacon app store and use immediately. As soon as they enter a store, room or environment with an installed iBeacon within its perimeters, their smart ...

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