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Get Cubeacon Special Price at Lazada Indonesia!


Celebrating our winning of Indigo Apprentice Awards 2015, we are giving every iBeacon developer special price! Cubeacon is now available to purchase at Lazada Indonesia! We are giving everyone special off up to 12% until August! So be quick! Order your Cubeacon now at Lazada Indonesia and get special price. ...

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iBeacon Teardown – Unboxing Cubeacon Developer Kit


Cubeacon Developer Kit contains of 3 beacon devices. It comes with the battery that last for 2 years. Each beacon has different major. Cubeacon is using nRF51822. It is IC Bluetooth Low Energy that is developed by Nordic. Cubeacon developer kit is using battery type CR2477 with 1000mA capacity. With this ...

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Get Details of your iBeacon Device With Cubeacon Locate

iBeacon Cloud Service

iBeacon and all of its features has already possessed the world. This new technology has introduced the world into the new level of sending notification with using Bluetooth 4. iBeacon is a tiny device with Bluetooth Low Energy. It transmits signal in its range and when a smartphone that has ...

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9 Powerful Features of Cubeacon


Most customers have been accustomed to both visiting stores in person and using their gadget to shop digitally. Both shopping behaviors can now be integrated by using Cubeacon, an iBeacon Bluetooth Low Energy device that allows you and your customers to take advantages of digital shopping at your store. This ...

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