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iBeacon in Zoo for Information and Rewards


Public places like retail, airport, and malls are the best target for iBeacon to enlarge their ability. Delivering information and campaign also microlocation can turn any public places become one smart  environment. Zoom Torino Biopark in Cumiana, Italy has deployed iBeacon technology. Visitors will be able to unlock information and ...

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iBeacon Apps and How They Ease Your Life


Through the year, iBeacon device is known as most worthy technology by far. Integrating with apps that will make it even worth and used in many retail business. iBeacon apps has been growing lately since push notification is something that makes people keep updated. Another new apps, that is still ...

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Museum and iBeacon Technology


Met and other museums are investing in technologies to make the museum experience more interactive, even working with the smartphones that guests carry with them. The Met has a staff of 70 in the digital-media department, and 70 more handling tech hardware in general. Rather than fighting Facebook and YouTube, ...

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Croissant: Reserve Your Seat Then Charge You by Minute

iBeacon in coffee shop

Three co-founders from local deals startup Perq presented their project, which uses iBeacons installed at local businesses, like coffee shops or co-working spaces, to allow customers to reserve a spot and then be automatically charged for the exact number of minutes they worked at the venue. Business owners could also view a map ...

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Retail Stores have Deployed iBeacon Technology


Retail business are getting more intense nowadays by adding technology as a major role in their service. In this digital era, people likely to choose everything simply. This is why online store is more demanding than in-store. Retail businesses are widening their marketing strategy to increase their sales. Adding technology ...

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Retail Revolution by iBeacon


Proof that iBeacon has been deployed and created retail revolution can bee seen at the Macy’s store at Westfield Garden State Plaza, where white plastic discs, about the size of a computer mouse, have been attached to walls and columns around the store. Those discs are beacons, and retailers and ...

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