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Solution Analysts Launched 3 new iBeacon Apps


Solution Analysts, a leading mobile app development company, has launched 3 new apps for iBeacon in New Jersey. The aim of the apps is facilitating and delivering enhanced user experience. The application of these apps are wide. It can be used in industry, better customer interaction, employee management and store ...

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Barkid; Never Lose Your Child


Sometimes, children may be forgotten in the car, they may run away from the school yard, or they may simply disappear from view when a parent becomes distracted. Although there are many technological solutions to this problem, all of them have major flaws in the aspects of safety, comfort, and ...

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iBeacon will Illuminate 5 of Your Daily Life

ibeacon and daily life

iBeacon allows mobile apps (running on both iOS and Android devices) to listen for signals from “beacons” broadcasting from other Bluetooth Smart powered devices and react accordingly. In short, your iOS device can alert an app when you approach or leave a location with an iBeacon. In addition to monitoring ...

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iBeacon Apps and How They Ease Your Life


Through the year, iBeacon device is known as most worthy technology by far. Integrating with apps that will make it even worth and used in many retail business. iBeacon apps has been growing lately since push notification is something that makes people keep updated. Another new apps, that is still ...

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iBeacon Apps Increasing Customer’s Shopping Experience

iBeacon apps for shopping

While mobile phones are a big piece of the overall app tapestry, consumers are also adopting use of various other mobile applications to enhance the retail shopping experience. All with the intent of becoming “un-tethered shoppers.” The use of mobile apps for brick-and-mortar shopping is ramping up dramatically—41% usage in ...

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More Features in MLB Ballpark Apps

MLB: New York Yankees at Minnesota Twins

MLB.com Ballpark application is available for iOS or Android, and acts as a mobile companion with many game-day privileges such as mobile-check-in, social media, offers, rewards and exclusive content. Fans can check-in to games using iBeacon technology, and use the My Journal feature to view their check-in histories as well access their exclusive ...

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