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Adding Geofencing Feature on Backend as a Service

ibeacon geofencing

This is an iBeacon’s year! iBeacon has been one of the most interesting technology since its released on 2013 by Apple. It has been the talk around the world that iBeacon has helped many companies grow their business in keep in touch and engaging their customers. It is not hesitated ...

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Features from Cubeacon


The emergence from Ibeacon technology is one of the biggest innovations from Bluetooth technology. With this new technology, now every smartphone user can know more information, especially the location share based information. Cubeacon presented to the markets as the answer for everyone needs for this information, mainly for retailer consumers. ...

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Knowing Much about Cubeacon Features

ibeacon device

Nowadays technology has been developed really rapidly. All people can enjoy all the benefits from the technology which they use. For sure, the technology will be really useful for any ranges of the people. Any technologies are invented in order to fulfill the need of simplicity of anyone. That is ...

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Microlocation Shopping Feature for VIP Shopper


All women want to get best seller or perfume, branded bags, best jewelries and some other exclusive products. Having exclusive product will make women feel so proud. That is why they usually will go to modern and high class mall to find some stores with attractive offer. All of women ...

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