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The Indonesia Next App Seven Best Teams

ibeacon technology

In search of the best Android application Indonesia Next App which is the result of the collaboration between Samsung, Telkomsel, dan DailySocial, recently has the seven best application and idea from the developers. After passed the selective judging process, the seven teams has been given opportunity to complete their technical ...

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Cubeacon Benefits for VIP Shopper

ibeacon smart shooper

For VIP shopper, Ibeacon is considered as a great facility. Can you imagine that you can now do your shopping in simple and fast way without spending a lot of time anymore? This device is actually a Bluetooth that has low amount of energy used in it. When you use ...

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Improving Sales with the Help of iBeacon

ibeacon improve sale

Despite it being released by Apple originally, the application is today used and adopted by various operating systems one of which is Android. The android ibeacon offers the exact same feature as iBeacon but is now available for the millions of Android users worldwide. Given this, you can now boost ...

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Getting to know the iOS’s iBeacon Closer

ibeacon future shopping

Ibeacon iphone app is the latest release from iOS. The iBeacon itself is a mechanism that uses indoor proximity to detect and extract data. There are also other applications that iOS has recently released into the market like the Health Kit. However, it all comes down to one feature: the ...

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iBeacon: Revolutionary Technology for Our Modern Needs

ibeacon feature technology

Technologies, designed to accommodate our every needs, are advancing further and beyond, even as we speak. One of nowadays prominent innovations are centred upon the development of software and gadgets. Our current software and gadgets developers are trying their best to innovate further, all for the sake of making our ...

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