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MLBAM’s Mobile App Reached Five-Million Download


MLBAM’s mobile app, MLB.com At Bat, an app that gives baseball fans live scores and radio broadcasts of games, reached the five-million download mark on Saturday. It also marks the first time the milestone was reached before the first pitch of the Major League Baseball regular season, which began Sunday night. Baseball fans also set ...

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IBM Has Sold Off Its Supply Chain Management Software


IBM has reportedly sold off its supply chain management software. Llamasoft, Software-as-a-Service provider, has acquired IBM’s LogicTools including the Transportation Analytics and Inventory and Product Flow Analyst apps. According to Llamasoft, the acquisition means the firm will immediately begin providing SaaS for all LogicTools customers. The takeover is part of the firm’s efforts to ...

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Internet of Things Strategy Launched by IBM


The Internet of Things refers to the growing network of sensors on everything from smartphones to jet engines. Instead of an Internet of connected computers, it’s an Internet of connected devices (or things) broadcasting loads of data about the devices. The intent of the new initiative is to put IBM at ...

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Secure Credit Card Payment is being Improved by Intel


Intel is partnering with European payment solutions provider Ingenico Group to develop a tablet that will support near-field communication (NFC) and Eurocard, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) chip cards—payment methods that banks use to help thwart credit card fraud, according to officials with both companies. That announcement came a day after ...

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Retail Revolution by iBeacon


Proof that iBeacon has been deployed and created retail revolution can bee seen at the Macy’s store at Westfield Garden State Plaza, where white plastic discs, about the size of a computer mouse, have been attached to walls and columns around the store. Those discs are beacons, and retailers and ...

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Fujitsu is Developing IoT Beacons


Fujitsu has developed a thin, flexible IoT beacon that can send out location and ID information to smartphones and other mobile devices. The beacon is mounted on an elastic silicone substrate and can be rolled up and attached to curved surfaces as well as corners or even clothing. It uses ...

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