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iBeacon: Revolutionary Technology for Our Modern Needs

ibeacon feature technology

Technologies, designed to accommodate our every needs, are advancing further and beyond, even as we speak. One of nowadays prominent innovations are centred upon the development of software and gadgets. Our current software and gadgets developers are trying their best to innovate further, all for the sake of making our ...

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What iBeacon Technology Does to Support Your Business

iBeacon Technology Does to Support Your Business

As a seller, it is a must for you to promote your product creatively. One of possible way is by using ibeacon. Actually, this technology is developed by Apple to support marketing promotion especially for smartphone users. iBeacon which is also known as bluetooth low energy technology has been used ...

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The Way iBeacon Supports Tribeca Film Festival

iBeacon Supports Tribeca Film Festival

Do you still don’t really sure that ibeacon is useful for various purposes? If it is so, it is better to check the information below. This information is trying to explain that chip ibeacon system can be used for entertainment industry such as film festival. The Process of Transferring Information ...

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