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Bluetooth Low Energy for High Temperature Application

Bluetoth Low Energy for High temperature application.

High temperature environments, such as those found in industrial lighting and motors, can make it difficult to design digital interfacing circuits. In these hot environments, a small error in the interface can lead to failures or intermittent errors. That means every component in the system has to be rated to ...

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See What iBeacon has Done to this Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is the goal of increasing sales and achieving sustainable competitive advantage. Marketing Strategy has been used by many of business to increase their product sales and income. A good marketing strategy will bring a business to the level where they leverage their product to the customers. In this ...

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Cubeacon Storyline Version 2

Backend cubeacon

Although iBeacon is a great device that will turn everything around become Smart thing. This is undoubtedly gorgeous because Internet of Things is something to be developed. Since the era of connecting things to things in technology, Internet of Things is like a bucketlist for everyone to have. Apparently, iBeacon ...

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