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Comparison between RFID and Beacon


How a beacon works is mostly will remind people with RFID. Pretty similar integration makes people forgot to realize the comparison between RFID and Beacon. In fact, both have many different things in term of range to network type. Here is an infographic that will help you understand about comparison ...

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iBeacon Technology Will Reduce Traffic


Saint John is a crowd city. Full of Cafe and Stores on in their downtown makes this city is full of shoppers and rush activity. City Councillor said, “We had a parking problem. Shopping in our core would often result in a ticket, or in customers going to shop and once ...

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What You Need to Integrate With Eddystone


Named after an England lighthouse, Eddystone, Google have joined beacon space. The beacon space that was started from Apple with the name iBeacon on 2013, now has one more family. So, yes. Eddystone is technically  beacon. It broadcasts Bluetooth signal and deliver notification. Then what makes it different with iBeacon? ...

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