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iBeacon and Bluetooth Low Energy

bluetooth low energy

After its released on 2013, some people still questioning of what is iBeacon and how does it work? Although some have already use that and installed the app, They are still wondering what is the technology behind iBeacon? iBeacon is a tiny device that is using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE ...

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Build a Smart Office With iBeacon Technology

Ibeacon Apps Grocery Store

Working in an office and have to deal with some technologies are some simple example of how technology is needed for work. It simply helps the employee in doing their work faster and better. For example is computer. Every year, Computers in office are having renewable. It will be upgraded ...

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Get Details of your iBeacon Device With Cubeacon Locate

iBeacon Cloud Service

iBeacon and all of its features has already possessed the world. This new technology has introduced the world into the new level of sending notification with using Bluetooth 4. iBeacon is a tiny device with Bluetooth Low Energy. It transmits signal in its range and when a smartphone that has ...

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iBeacon; The New Retailer’s Bestfriend

ibeacon retailers

Tiny device that is getting popular right now is iBeacon. It seems like it will be some businesses’ bestfriend. A device which uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)-powered 4.0 technology, the iBeacon is a transmitter which enables a smart phone or other device to perform actions when in close proximity, opening ...

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Get iBeacon UUID, Major, and Minor with Cubeacon Locate


iBeacon since its released by Apple on 2013 has become one of the most fast growing technology in the world. By using Bluetooth Low Energy it will transmit signal and send notification or information to every smartphone with the help of Backend as a Service. iBeacon has helped many business ...

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iBeacon Pricing Plan

ibeacon developer program

How iBeacon helps many business in growing their business especially in advertising and engaging customers has been proven by many companies. iBeacon has been trusted as retailers’ partner in improving their service. Companies that has already installed iBeacon in their business has said that they are leading in technology. iBeacon ...

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