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iBeacon To Help You Lose Weight

phone and foods

We have seen many iBeacon implementation nowadays. There is iBeacon in a store, restaurant, hotel, airport, even a park. This development of iBeacon has been growing bigger and bigger in years. It took only a year since its released to make people “addicted” to what iBeacon can do. iBeacon undoubtedly ...

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Customers Engagement With Push Notification

Human resources and CRM

What define a good business? Is it from the product or is it from the customers who keep coming back? They both related. Good product will make your customer keep coming back and make your business better. It is an evidence if some products are not sold, there must be ...

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2015 for Internet of Things

smarthome and internet of things

The Internet of Things promises to fix most of the annoyances of the 21st century homeowner. Broken appliance? Sensors will diagnose what’s wrong, report it to the manufacturer, and quickly dispatch a repairman with the necessary part. Intelligent light bulbs will make your home look inhabited while you’re away. And ...

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How iBeacon Works in Hotel

Marriott Hotel with iBeacon.

Thing such as technology is unpredictable. It can grow faster that anything else when you have not even notice it yet. It turns to be something more powerful and addicting to everyone. iBeacon, one of the most fast-growing technology, has been implemented in many places. Another chance of people getting ...

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Apple Pay Will Get Along With iBeacon

Apple Pay and iBeacon.

Since its release in 2013, iBeacon is getting bigger and bigger. It already proved its quantity to enhance the company’s service by engaging their customers. iBeacon perfectly makes the customers feel better with the service by engaging them and update information and sending notification. iBeacon also helps a lot in ...

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Music City Center Installed iBeacon Technology


How iBeacon grow faster as the world grows make everyone overwhelmed by it. It is not only become transfer-receive information device, iBeacon has grown into the new generation of mobile advertising. Mobile advertising with iBeacon becomes popular for retailers nowadays. They can promote their product directly to the customers who ...

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