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iBeacon and Advertising

west edmonton mall using ibeacon

Beacons aren’t really about customer acquisition in-stores for many brands now. For Coca-Cola, Kraft and Papa John’s, the potential for beacons lies in their ability to optimise the customer experience through precision marketing rather than just simple point-of-purchase activation. – Source: The Drum. I couldn’t be more agree with what The ...

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Smaller Screen, Smarter Advertising


We’ve seen that moment when we started using a large screen as advertising. You can see it in a mall, in almost every corner of big city where it flashes some big seducing words or a video of people try to explain their products with various promo. The question is, ...

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Top 10 Mobile Advertising to Increase Sales


In taking Mobile advertising strategy, retailers will never stop competing until they have customers as much as they could grab. As digital era makes mobile advertising getting higher. Retailers also don’t stop grabbing  customers. The competition between retailers in creating better mobile advertising is never losing. Here are top 10 ...

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iSigns Media Solution is Running Beacon-Enabled Program


JEA Technologies Pty Ltd., an Australian distributor and reseller of iSIGN Media Solutions Inc., announced today that they are working with Fujitsu Australia (“Fujitsu”), an industry leading provider of digital media solutions to retail, banking, transport and commercial industry segments in Australia and New Zealand. JEA and Fujitsu are currently ...

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6 Things You Can Get by Deploying iBeacon Technology

Woman shopping at the supermarket

Tiny device called iBeacon is now emerging in almost every cool places in the world. This tiny device works with Bluetooth Low Energy is bestfriend for retail business. It will transmit signal and if a smartphone caught the  signal, it will send notification or information. It is using Bluetooth smart. ...

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iBeacon Vision in Mobile Ads Space (Part: 2)

ibeacon location base advertising

Even iBeacon is probably different since it has a potential powerful thing but slightly discreet tool for marketers, one which takes benefit of existing devices, mainly iPhones, and wireless technology. There is a possibility for the IoT to create value for customers and businesses. Retailers have already proven a great ...

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