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Succeed During Review , Cubeacon Reader AR25 is Officially Released on Public

More than 15,000 devices has been produced and shipped. More than 500 devices sold during 1 month review. Finally Cubeacon Reader AR25 is officially released on public now. Development process which takes more than 1 year finally brought Cubeacon to introduce Cubeacon Card support for scanning independently and reading data from iBeacon including any iBeacon devices.

Using processor 32bit ARM Cortex Mo CPU Core in low energy, BLE chip scanner nRF51822 Nordic BLE 4.0 and scanning ability of 100-120 iBeacon devices in a second.

Improving Existing Technology – Enhancing Efficiency

With the release of Cubeacon Reader AR25, it means new solution for industrial needs. Some comparisons and benefits of Cubeacon Reader AR25 + Cubeacon Card with the existing technology such as NFC (Near Field Communication) or RFID (Radio-frequency identification):

Cubeacon Passive RFID/NFC Active RFID+Antenna
Device cubeacon_product_small passive_rfid rfid-antenna
Access Massive one-by-one Massive
Proximity 70-100 meter 2-5 cm 5-10 meter
Topology Smartphone or Cubeacon Reader NFC Reader – PC Antenna – Reader – PC
Cost Infra USD 90-100 + USD 300 + USD 1500-2000

Cubeacon Reader AR25 and Cubeacon Card implementation design:

Absence tracker. Cubeacon Card and Cubeacon Reader AR25 are able to read interaction log of the user such as in student, employee, etc wihout tap as in RFID and they read in real time quickly so it’s lessen the line.

Security Device and Tracking. Cubeacon Card and Cubeacon Reader A25 have been used for security especially in a building to track objects moving while in a building within range 70-100 meters.

Pairing Device. Cubeacon Card and Cubeacon Reader AR25 is suitable for asset management or asset tracking. In which every assets can be maintained and tracked the movement in real time.

One of implementations of Cubeacon is Trolley Management System, where Cubeacon devices tracks more 6000 trolley in one of International Airport in Indonesia. Not just Trolley, golf cart, wheel chair, and airport service can be monitored in a dashboard panel in real time.
Cubeacon has been implemented in Indonesian Airports. It’s our main portfolio as Internet of Things (IoT) devices which takes big part in building smart airport in Indonesia.

Trial Cubeacon Card and Cubeacon Reader AR25 in Lazada Indonesia. Our promotion week is starting now!

cubeacon_product_smallGrab now from Lazada Indonesia :

Buy Cubeacon Card Gen 2

Buy Cubeacon Reader AR25 

Price on Lazada is the hoghest retail price, to get the best deal for bulk order contact now at cs@cubeacon.com

*we don’t provide free sample

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