Some people might have different reaction in using a new technology. Especially iBeacons, nowadays this advanced technology is used by many businesses to support their development. If you, as a customers, still wondering how the iBeacons will works with your phone when you walk in store, better you read this case as an example.

1. Drive Store Traffic

Samantha is walking around in a mall doing window shopping when she comes within a few meters of her favorite store whose app she has installed on her smartphone. The shop’s beacon “recognizes” Samantha’s phone and sends her a special offer via the app to get her in the store.

2. Customer Service

Since Smantha is a regular shopper at the store, she is treated as an important client by the store’smanager. When she enters, she gets a welcome message and at the same time the sales assistant is alerted that a loyal customer is in the store. The store can now offer personalized service to high value customers like her.

3. Special Offers

Samantha is now browsing through the store’s various sections and comes to the summer collection section. While she is checking out the latest collection, she gets an offer of 15% discount on her smartphone.

4. Easier and Faster Checkout

Samantha wants to use the offer at the checkout counter and clicks on the offer. A bar code for the coupon is saved on the phone in the retailer’s mobile app. She continues shopping and takes advantage of four more discounts offered to her.

5. Cost Savings for The Businesses

Businesses can cut down on their print ads, the purpose of which is often to offer customers discount coupons. They can also save on freight costs for shipping paper coupons to the chain’s stores across the country.

We can see how the iBeacon technology ease our shopping activity at the store and even in any places which use iBeacons. Check some industries which already implemented iBeacons here.


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