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Sony Invested $212 Million for Internet of Things

Sony Corporation paid an Israeli Technology company with specialist software in Internet of Things in amount $212M. Their software is said to be expected to play a pivotal role in the development of Internet of Things.


Altair Semiconductor is a company based in Hod Hasharon. They employ 220 people and have subsidiaries in the US, China and Taiwan. Altair owns chip technology and software for Long Term Evolution, a 4G cellular standard for mobile devices.

Sony said the development of cellular chipsets will create “a connected environment in which “things” can reliably and securely access network services that leverage the power of cloud computing”.

Altair acquisition which expects to complete in early February will comes with all the other sensor-based devices and wearable devices. Sony said it planned to expand Altair’s existing business while harnessing Sony’s own sensing technologies to produce a new range of cellular-connected sensing component devices for the wearables and internet of things market.

Although there have been many plans on development with Altair Semiconductor and how they see the future of their product, Sony also might want to take a look on what stopping people on buying IoT devices.

A recent Survey by Accenture said that the problem of people won’t getting IoT is not really about the security. Most of them are concerning about the price that is highly expensive.


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