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Smart Shopping Location – One of Best Features of Cubeacon

Women usually like to go to mall to find all products that they want. They want to buy perfume, clothes, dress, jewelry and some other products. They will enter some shops and then purchase all products but they still need to think about budget or price of products. Unfortunately, some women feel so bad because they have already bought some products in A shop and they don’t know that B shop offers big discount for the similar products. It makes them feel so bad because they actually can save more money when they come to B shop. Now, it will not make you feel so bad again when shopper knows more about Cubeacon.

Cubeacon is device that will send bluetooth signal to all shoppers’ smartphone so all shoppers will know detail information about some stores in the mall. Shoppers don’t need to always enter all shops to find new discount or half price of product because they can simple connect their smartphone by using Cubeacon and they will get detail information about good price of products and some shops that will give you discount for this day. One of best features of Cubeacon is Smart Shopping Location. This feature really help all shoppers to locate all best stores or shops that offer real great deals such as products with low price, discount, buy one get one for free and some other offers.

For all of you who want to shop in easy way, you also need to install Cubeacon app. You will not only get Smart Shopping Location only when you install this app on your smartphone but you can get some other features such as mobile payment app, smart mobile app, Geofencing and geolocation app and microlocation shopping. Cubeacon is not only useful for all shoppers but it is also good for sellers. Sellers will be able to get benefits because when shoppers easy to find best shop that offers great deal of product, they will come to the store in easy way. You can increase popularity of your shop in easy way by offering great sale and discount and of course you need to install Cuebacon device in your shop too. It helps to detect all shoppers that use Cubeacon and you can send detail products of your shop to their smartphone in easy way. You never need to choose other tool or high price device to increase your shop popularity. Cubeacon is solution for seller and shopper.

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