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Smart Ideas After Deploying iBeacon Technology.

iBeacon is a tiny technology that you will never regret to install. I am saying this because what iBeacon can do for you and your business is better. This is real because iBeacon deployment has spread in almost every single place or location in the world. Starts from store and restaurant, now a home and museum can be iBeacon developer to. How this could be?

iBeacon is one of huge step in Internet of Things. Its main use of analytic, sending notification, and microlocation can be widen by iBeacon developer to maximize its use. The great thing about that, iBeacon became one of smart devices. Working with Bluetooth Smart or Bluetooth version 4. It will transmit signal and if a device caught the signal of iBeacon, they will automatically receive notification. There have been many smart ideas to implement iBeacon. Here are 5 Smart Ideas for iBeacon developer to improve their iBeacon device.

Smart Store.

The smart idea comes up with the idea of Internet of Things. Smart store or Smart business means combining your store or your business with Internet of Things. In this case, iBeacon. Installing iBeacon in your store and turning it into Smart Store. iBeacon microlocation feature can help your customers find the location of your store. Beside finding location, Your customers can also find what they need faster in your store. iBeacon that has been installed in your store will guide your customers to the aisle they need. The perfect solution of unable find the stuff they needed. Not just that, your customers can pay their grocery without waiting on line. Through iBeacon, customers only need to do the payment through their smartphone.

Smart Office.

This sounded like in office that major in technology. In fact, it is not. A non major technology office can also be a Smart Office. All simple because it is using iBeacon. Tiny device that will turn everything becomes smart ideas. Your office with iBeacon can be a perfect Smart Office. Meeting invitation through smartphone or call your employee through smartphone. Single device that only needs Bluetooth signal so that if your building cannot get signal, iBeacon still works and notification still received by the smartphone.

Smart Home.

What’s your ideal home? Having your furniture all set properly, having your lawn watered on time, or get your laundry finished quickly? That was almost everyone ideal home. But what if having a personal assistant for your home to take care all your ideal home needs? Not just that, they can even maintain the schedule of everyone in your house. Find your missing things with microlocation features in iBeacon. The other good things is, maintaining your house is not that hard with technology. iBeacon is a tiny device. It can be placed everywhere without needing a large space or you can put it somewhere so it save. You still can track it anyway.

Smart Museum.

iBeacon can also be installed in Museum. Seeing a masterpiece in a museum is not just looking into note anymore. You can find out more about the masterpiece with iBeacon. When you pass by one of masterpieces in a Museum, iBeacon will let you know more about it. You can see the creator, the story behind it or even watching a video about the masterpiece. It is simple because Storyline feature in iBeacon. Everyone now can enjoy their Museum in a very different way. Only needs to turn on their Bluetooth and people will experience a new level of enjoying Museum.

Smart Parking.

Forgot where you park your car? Use iBeacon. Microlocation feature can lead you to find your car. Through apps in your smartphone, you can see how far your car is and find them quickly. Some apps, can even call your car. The leveraging of iBeacon technology in parking can be even more than that. With iBeacon, you can pay your parking fee and booking your entry through your smartphone. See the location of your parking area and find it out before you arrive. You don’t have to search your own parking area because iBeacon have set that for you. iBeacon technology can be implemented everywhere and voa-la, they become Smart place.

Cubeacon is a one stop solution for iBeacon developer. We provide iBeacon hardware and Backend as a Service. Our hardware is designed simply so it can be put everywhere or you can hang it. Our Backend is supported with many features such as various storyline so you can send many kinds of notification such as text, image, HTML template, and URL Link. Better yet, you can schedule your beacon so you don’t have to set it all over again. Find these amazing features in Cubeacon. Visit www.cubeacon.com for more information about iBeacon technology.

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