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Smart Home Camera Detects Intruders

Security camera is being placed in almost every building today. Keeping the building secure from intruders and to control activity that’s happening when the owner’s away. It’s not even only in an office building, Security Camera is also in home.

Home owner wants to make sure that their house is completely safe even when they’re away from home. They are installing security cameras and sensors to alert them if someone is moving on their property, be it a family member, a mail carrier or an intruder.

For example is Netamo. A French company that designed a smart home camera. The camera can recognize familiar faces and alerts owners if a stranger has entered their home. The face-recognition camera has helped at least one man catch a thief.

The smart camera can let parents at work know that their children have returned home from school, or that a package has been delivered at their door. It can also let them know if an unknown person has trespassed on their property.

“Current security cameras are not that smart. So, they can tell you if something is moving but they don’t necessarily know if it’s a human being or if it’s your kids; they don’t know the difference. So, they will alert you all the time, also if lighting conditions change and it can be very annoying. But, if you’re a very busy working professional, you want to know what’s going on at your place,” explained Janina Mattausch, a product marketing manager for Netatmo.

If a family member enters home, Smart Camera will recognize them and send information to the home owner. But if an intruder enters a home, the camera will send an alert that will sound an alarm on the owner’s smartphone.

Einbrecher dringt in ein Haus ein.
Einbrecher dringt in ein Haus ein.

Apparently, there already has been a proof concept of how this device works. Demien, one of smart camera owners, recognizes intruder at his Apartment through  his Smart Camera while he’s at work.

“On a Friday I was at work, attending a big monthly meeting at work. When my phone vibrated, at first I told myself; ‘Oh, it must be a wrong alert, maybe I have to do some adjustments, but the notification on my phone was telling me that there was a movement in my flat and also a face that the app did not recognize,” said Damien.

So the French businessman put the video on and was shocked with what he saw.

“I saw a person I did not know with his shoes on, which is totally forbidden in my apartment. I was watching it live on video. So I felt totally frozen, stupefied. I asked a colleague to take me back home as fast as possible and I called the police on the way,” he said.

Damien showed the video of the intruder to the police and they found him later in the day. The burglar was sentenced to nine months in prison.

source: VOANews

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