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Smaller Screen, Smarter Advertising

We’ve seen that moment when we started using a large screen as advertising. You can see it in a mall, in almost every corner of big city where it flashes some big seducing words or a video of people try to explain their products with various promo.

The question is, how strong this kind of ads will capture you? Or are you even sure this ads will completely capture your customers’ heart?


Nowadays, with rushing schedule people will walk by your ads and forget it in less than 5 minutes later. Some people are not even want to turn their head to your ads. Minding their own business is something they think is important.

The change has been made. Smaller screen is now favorite. From a huge screen in a corner now your ads will be seen in smaller screen. Let’s say a smartphone. There are approximately 70% or more people in this universe using smartphone. Which means they hold the access to everything. Not just a smartphone. Wearable device like an Apple Watch will also brings advertising on the next level.

We all know that people love something simple. In this case, people love slimmer smartphone and smaller screen just to ease their activity. With smartphone we own these days, we’re already joining the smaller-smarter movement.

How Smaller Screen can Affect Your Ads

You may see people likes to bring less when they are traveling, go to work, or just grocery shopping. Smartphone, which owned by half people in the world, will give you an exact access to promote your product.

Automatically deliver your ads to their smartphone, they will notice your product since they carry their device everywhere. It won’t be hard because people tends to see what is happening in the world through their smartphone. This makes sense for almost advertising business to create some digital advertising that won’t be casually forgotten in 5 minutes.

Digital advertising through smartphone or wearable device can be another step for you business to grow. Deliver your content, promotion, product to your customers using a simple step through their smartphone. We have found many technologies that will easily help us to deliver this such ads.

For example is iBeacon technology. Using Bluetooth Low Energy, iBeacon will transmit Bluetooth signal and when a smartphone caught the signal, it will automatically deliver a campaign, promotion, offers, or anything you want to promote.

Fun thing is iBeacon only requires Bluetooth signal and will work on a precise location. This will help your business to grow without spamming your customers that is the top list hated activity by customer.

iBeacon is potential for digital advertising. It makes your business grow and your customers happy. Get you iBeacon device now at www.cubeacon.com

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Girly is a Content Marketing at Eyro Digital Teknologi, Ltd. She is also a copy writer and likes cheeseburger. She writes about iBeacon and its implementation. You can find her on LinkedIn as GirlySaputri.

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