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Simple Understanding to Internet of Things

IoT has the potential to dramatically shape the way we consume energy, manage our precious resources such as food and water, provide access to healthcare, and so much more. This is one we need to get right. Having million visions for IoT is one thing, but IoT really does have the power to transform even simple things into something remarkable.

Everything seems to be connected to the Internet: socks, shoes, shirts, hats, glasses, appliances, beds, homes, drones, cars and even diapers. Yet, for the Internet of Things (IoT) to play a role in shaping our future, we need to get a few things right.

Certain example of how IoT works these days, some of them still sound unreal. For example is connected tooth brush. Kids could compete by brushing their teeth longer than their siblings. The device measured how long each child brushed and uploaded the information to a mobile app. The kids who brushed their teeth longer earned points. The kid with the most points was declared the winner. While this offered some benefits, I didn’t see how it would motivate parents to replace their kids’ toothbrushes with a more expensive option.

But now think of what’s possible with IoT. Embedded low-cost sensors placed into the head of the toothbrush could check a person’s temperature, glucose levels in saliva, plaque buildup and a host of other conditions. This data could be sent to the cloud to be analyzed, and the results sent to specialists for evaluation. If early signs of problems were detected, an alert could be sent to the family dentist or doctor for preventive care. Now, this is a toothbrush we would pay more for.

To achieve these types of benefits, we must learn from our past mistakes and break down the silos that exist today. In other words, it must serve a useful and beneficial purpose for people. We must get to the point where technology works for people, rather than people working for technology.

IoT is here, but our work is just beginning.

source: techcrunch.

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