A popular car-rental service called Silvercar, has iBeacons built into their car. It enables the travelers to unlock the car, pop the trunk, and begin the service using Bluetooth LE via their app. Of course they need to install the Silvercar app first before they can integrates with the iBeacon.

When the traveler returns the car, the app automatically logs the end of the rental, and measures the gas level before sending him an invoice. Adding on to that, the car-rental service company also plans to use the ability of iBeacons to recognize a traveler and store data on his preferences such a favourite radio stations, places he has checked into the GPS etc., to personalize his drive. This is particularly simple, as Silvercar is based on a one car model, Audi A4.

Unfortunately the Silvercar just available only in Austin, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, Phoenix, and San Fransisco. Hope it would be available in other places soon.

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