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Self-Driving Smart Car from Microsoft

It is always not enough when we talk about technology and innovation, especially when there’s new trend. Consumer Electronic Show 2016 has been a spotlight for Internet of Things. By Wearables, home automation, connected devices, and smart watches being the hit, Smart Car is also something to look up.

driverless cars aren’t the only opportunity that advances in mobile technology have created. Already, auto manufacturers are rolling out vehicles that “sense” pending accidents and will brake automatically, as well as fully connected cars for non-drivers to satisfy their online needs while on the go. It’s toward this end that folks like Apple are rumored to be developing solutions, along with Alphabet.

microsoft smart car

Not only those Tech Giants, Microsoft has secretly developed their own connected car. They’re also reeling in some of the world’s largest auto manufacturers as partners.

At the recently completed Computer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, Microsoft announced that four more partners have inked deals to utilize its “end-to-end” intelligent car solutions. One reason Microsoft’s smart car plans are striking a chord with the auto industry is its comprehensive suite of solutions. Its laundry list of cloud offerings, industry-leading operating system, and predictive analytic services are all incorporated into its auto-related products.

As big as the self-driving car market is expected to become — one recent report suggests as many as 10 million driverless cars will hit the streets by 2020 — it will likely be dwarfed by the number of connected vehicles. A study conducted by API Research estimates that by the year 2022, there will be over 100 million smart cars on the world’s highways, and that will double just four years later.

Microsoft may not elicit the buzz that Alphabet and Apple do when connected cars are mentioned, but that’s quickly changing, and long-term investors will reap the rewards.

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