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See What iBeacon has Done to this Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is the goal of increasing sales and achieving sustainable competitive advantage. Marketing Strategy has been used by many of business to increase their product sales and income. A good marketing strategy will bring a business to the level where they leverage their product to the customers.

In this digital era, business is not just doing their marketing using similar ways as in the past five years. Digital era has brought the new level of marketing strategy by adding technology. By using technology, Marketing can be done simply. One of most famous thing today is iBeacon in marketing. Although iBeacon is only transmitting bluetooth signal, but if it’s managed properly, it will be your best way in marketing. What is your marketing strategy? Add iBeacon in it and experience marketing in a different way.

How is the deal?

The relation between iBeacon and Marketing strategy seems to be new (It is not actually). There are tons of businesses have been using iBeacon as their feature of Marketing Strategy. The result? It has been proven that iBeacon in their business is increasing sales and income. So how is it happening?

There is nothing much than iBeacon – Backend – Great apps actually.

Those three things will lead you to the level in which iBeacon will be increasing your sales. In the hand of iBeacon developer, your business can grow even bigger. The process is simple: Your beacon will transmit signal and if your phone caught the signal, beacon will deliver campaign and notification. The campaign and notification are all set in BackEnd. After process of iBeacon signal and Backend champaign, a phone with apps will receive the notification. In this case, only a smartphone that supports with Bluetooth version 4 and have an apps installed. By then, anyone who is in the beacon range will be receiving notification.

An example is Claim it!. New app that deploy iBeacon in their marketing strategy and giving free stuff to people. Claim it! deploy iBeacon in a truck and they drive the truck around the country. People who wants to get free stuff have to download Claim it! It is the only way their phone can receive free stuff notification from beacon. The notification will be a stuff they got free and where to take it.

iBeacon and marketing strategy

As iBeacon becomes new favorite things, you can get your own beacon too. Cubeacon is a perfect solution for iBeacon developer. It provides iBeacon hardware and Backend as a Service (BaaS). Cubeacon hardware is designed simply to be placed everywhere. Also Cubeacon Backend as a Service (BaaS) has various features. You can send campaign in various kinds such as image, text, HTML template, videos, and even better you can schedule your campaign. Visit www.cubeacon.com for more information.

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