Beacon technology has grown in to Levi’s Stadium. The home of the 49ers in Santa Clara has installed the Beacon Technology in their stadium.

The Beacon technology will enable everyone to find concessions, restrooms, and seats with the Levi’s Stadium app, no matter how deep into the stadium users are. Even they can find Hot Dogs and Beer quickly just by Beacon Technology.

It is one of the first indoor positioning systems installed in such a large space – the stadium is 1.85 million square feet and seats 68,000 – and points to a future where we’ll have indoor positioning as precise as GPS data.

Beacons are small, Bluetooth Low Energy hardware devices, with limited broadcasting range that can be used to communicate with smartphones or other wearable devices. Beacons can be placed in multiple locations inside a structure or retail space—covering certain zones of the location (approximately 75 meters) with their individual Bluetooth signal—and can then allow a participating person’s smartphone or wearable device to communicate with it and thereby determine their location.

Beacon Technology also enable their users to access information that’s sent by the Beacon which in its range. Beacon will directly send information to the users’ device. For example: a store has installed Beacon technology and you are one of customers. You also have installed iBeacon app in your phone. Just by turning on the Bluetooth in your device, you will get information just like brochure, offers, and even discount from the store. It feels amazing to keep in touch with the store.

That is why retailers are so counting on Beacon Technology. Many Restaurant, Department Stores, and even Train Station have installed Beacon technology in their business. It enables them to keep in touch with their customers and make them as priority.

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