In ibeacon, you will find the feature of retail analytics and user analytics. This will inform the customer about the promo, bonus, and discount that they can get. In fact, the process of transmitting information from the ibeacon to your gadget can be done fast! With the uses of ibeacon, many people can now get information that they need fast. In addition, using ibeacon is worthy because you can use this facility without spending a lot of energy. With just using one battery, this ibeacon will work with best performance that you need.

Another facility that you can use from ibeacon is geofencing. With this feature, you can get the most potential solution to get information that you need. The price of ibeacon is cheaper than other feature that has similar uses, such as NFC. However, when you use ibeacon, you will be able to use it with low technology of Bluetooth. As a result, there are so many benefits that you can obtain by using this product. Many people in the world have used the facility of ibeacon and you can actually use it too from now on.

With bluetooth low energy available, you do not have to worry that ibeacon will provide you with problems. It is indeed that you can find many advantages from it. For those who use iOS 7, you can now connect your gadget with ibeacon easily. It is not only can be used for iPhone gadget but also it can be used for smart phones with all brands that you have. Right now, ibeacon has been used in several areas in the world. However, it just needs a time for this ibeacon technology to spread in all parts of city in the world. With the wide uses that can be found in ibeacon, people will be able to enjoy all of its benefits in an instant.


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