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Ressurection of Marketing Business with Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS)

As business grows, marketing progress grows faster with many technology that getting along so well with people’s devices. This builds the new growth of application that mostly people uses in their smartphone.

These tools are came with the name Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS). They prepackage the most common, penny-ante parts of a modern mobile app like push notifications, authentication, and social sharing. Where a PaaS requires a developer to build these common components, a good BaaS just lets developers drag and drop them into applications.

BaaS allows their developer to create the apps they want and connect it to the people’s smartphone. While all the data are saved in clouds, the connection between the smartphone and BaaS will be arranged by another technology.

This era saw servers in the ascendancy as cloud computing was cheap and mobile clients were underpowered, but technology gains are starting to bring mobile hardware into parity. This, amongst other factors, is driving a return towards more client-side computing.

The idea behind the name as-a-service (aaS) acronym is that service dependencies can be converted into a kind of purchasable commodity. This is great for providers, because whole companies can be formed around these services; and it’s great for users, because it means faster development through outsourcing, and low prices through competition.

BaaS not only makes app development more efficient, but it can also help us to attack the problems that server-side bias has introduced. It is possible, for example, to bake features into BaaS that ease the transition between a connected and unconnected device, providing graceful fallbacks when the network goes down. To what extent such features are implemented depends on the specific BaaS framework.

On the other hand, BaaS is helping people integrate with apps in their smartphone using cloud storage. Not only that, BaaS gives you features such as user management, push notification, and integration with social networking services.

Another example of BaaS is Cubeacon. Cubeacon is a BaaS providers with using cloud computing server. It provides you with SDK and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Cubeacon Backend as a Service allows you to receive user management, push notification, and integration with social networking services.

Cubeacon BaaS is made specifically for iBeacon technology (Which is exactly a huge step in the Internet of Things). iBeacon works by using Bluetooth Low Energy or Bluetooth version 4. It will connect automatically with your smartphone without needing to paired. By that integration with iBeacon, smartphone’s user will enable to receive everything that’s set in iBeacon.

iBeacon technology also helps a lot in many business progress. As an example is there have been so far 15 companies installed iBeacon technology as a push in pleasing their customers and get the fastest progress forward technology. It was fast forwarding the growth of its company because iBeacon is one of the most fast-growing technologies since it was launched by Apple last year.

Cubeacon with iBeacon technology and featured with Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) will integrate directly with your smartphone. Of course it requires to download apps. Cubeacon Developer has to create apps through Cubeacon SDK so that the customers will easily receive anything that is set in Cubeacon.

A perfect implementation is mostly in store as WoolWorth did. They install iBeacon to send offers, promotion, and special product to shoppers once they walked through aisles. The installation also allows customers to get notify information about some specific product in the store.

How iBeacon technology helps many companies grow higher is a simple example on how Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) connected with iBeacon technology whereas an app is integrated with cloud server and send many information to the smartphone. People may send whatever they like such as promotion, offers, information or even finding location.

So what are you waiting for? visit www.cubeacon.com to get the most fast-growing technology and grow faster with us!



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