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Pros and Cons Installing iBeacon In Your Business

Many reviews that have been posted by some business project in installing iBeacon in their progress of growing their business. Some business such as Asda, WoolWorth, Virgin Atlantic, Macy’s, Starwood Hotels, and another great business dare to install iBeacon in their business to enhance and engage their customers to keep integrated with application so that they can enjoy the service with a simple way such as paying without lining, ordering without waiting, buying without doubting.

iBeacon is a device that is using bluetooth low energy. It will automatically connected with Bluetooth version 4 without needed to pair. It will deliver information, notification, and many more to smartphone that its signal captured by iBeacon. Every data that is needed to store or deliver is safe as iBeacon management is using Backend as a Service (BaaS). Every data is saved in cloud without having to worry that it will be lost someday.

Implementing iBeacon in your business can be much more helpful for the marketing and promotion. It will help each business to grow as the business itself is provided by iBeacon to do the marketing. These implementation have been used by some big companies. They have installed iBeacon technology in their company because they know that customers is the real subject if they want to grow. As example is Virgin Atlantic. This trial in the Upper Class Wing at London’s Heathrow Airport in May 2014. Virgin’s premium passengers were able to receive personalized notification and offers via their iPhones. This trial was quite interesting because their passengers were excited about it.

As in many things, some people are still confused in whether they should install iBeacon or not. Technically, this thing also has pros and cons. Here are some of the reviews:

Pros of installing iBeacon

iBeacon helps you deliver exceptional customer services and experiences, thus generating revenue. There are a multitude of features you can enable in your beacon-enabled app. Features like in-store navigation, contextual notifications, contactless payments, digital loyalty schemes etc., will help you grab attention and get noticed quickly.

This promising apps from iBeacon will help developer or businessmen track and analyze the product, service, and the satisfy of their customers. Casually, the developer or businessmen can check which product of them is liked most by the customers.

Cons of installing iBeacon

If you are a new or small company and do not have your own development team in place, app development can be quite taxing. Handling beacon deployment single-handedly can be quite daunting and expensive, especially if you have multiple branches across the globe.

Absolutely something that mostly people said is probably the price and no one can deny that developing the app can be wasting a lot of money. It will probably caused the bankruptcy on the business because the outcome for app developing probably bigger than the income of its own business.

Installing iBeacon or not in your business is quite dilemmatic for some people.  It helps a lot in many promotion and marketing of the business but on the other hand it will consume a lot  of money for the app developing.

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