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Cubeacon Portal – iBeacon Device and SDK Service

How to Analyze Potential Buyers with Cubeacon Device

Unacast; track your visitors in your store.

All owners of retail shops need to always develop their retail shop’s popularity and profit. As we know when you are not able to develop your business then you will lose all of your customers or buyers and you will not get profit. There is hard competition in this world ...

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Some Important Menus to Know from Cubeacon

ibeacon device hardware

In this modern time, we can find new and high technology tools that will help us to do all activities in easy way. We can do all activities without need to waste our time and energy. For all of you who want to increase profit of your business or store ...

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Great Features from iBeacon

ibeacon location base advertising

If you have a shop, you should be prepared to be working with many parties. However, the most important thing is to develop your business with the context and concept of technology. iBeacon will take you to understand the importance of the future of the business and shopping. In just ...

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iBeacon: Intellegent Services for Smart Store

ibeacon retail shop fashion

The main strength of the store business is how it can attract more customers. There are many types of stores that provide the best products. But fashion store is one idea that has always seized the attention of people, just in a very short time. Surely, it must be preceded ...

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