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The 11 Industries Using iBeacon So Far


Many company around the world competes to attract their customers in different ways. They made some marketing strategy to fulfil the customers’ needs and every matter they want. With iBeacon technolgy, some companies in any industries create a new brand marketing purposes to gain more customers. Here are 11 industries ...

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Tesco MyStore Trials iBeacon With Different Marketing Strategy


Tesco Superstore decides to trial iBeacon by making a store-specific app called MyStore. The Tesco’s senior group marketing manager for mobile stated that a beta version of Tesco’s MyStore app is trialling iBeacons, but ‘slowly” using it for marketing purposes until customers familiar with this technology. It aimed to avoid ...

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Android L: Huge Development in Supporting iBeacon

android 7-hijacks-ibeacon

Google just announced the Android for BLE which enhance some features that will significantly boost support for iBeacon. This new version of Android is available as a developer preview called Android L. The first feature of Android L will now be able to act in peripheral mode which means that ...

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Too Many Notifications Makes Customers Delete iBeacon Apps

ibeacon retail shop fashion

Notifications overload becomes a menace marketing which emerging with the explosion of the iBeacon technology. Some retailer and brand is starting to trial the new location-aware sensors known as beacons which able to track the costumers’ shopping patterns as they walk on the store and using that information to enhance ...

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