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Take a Look on Marketing Trends in 2015

marketing trends 2015

2014 was the year mobile commerce came of age, heralded with the launch of Apple Pay in October. It was one of the tech company’s key innovations within the iPhone 6, which integrated NFC technology with easy point of sale (POS) transacting. In other words, the iPhone 6 provided the ability ...

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The West Edmonton Malls Taking Retail to the Future

west edmonton mall using ibeacon

In most shopping malls, walking up to the store directory map remains a pretty analog experience. Even if the map is mounted on a shiny glass display, and even if it’s colour-coded into easy-to-find blocks with numbers, a little dot saying “You are here” is about as personalized and contextual ...

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Laima Stores Comes With iBeacon For Marketing

laima confectionery and iBeacon

According to research, today 65% of smartphone owners, while they are visiting stores, prefer to learn information about goods from their mobile devices. Only about 35% of buyers still consult with shop assistants. It is clear that every time the consumers focus on their smartphones, They are getting more interested with the ...

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Cleveland Cavaliers is Sending Push Notifications With iBeacon

cleveland cavaliers installed iBeacon

With all the iBeacon development, the Cleveland Cavaliers will now be sending out location-aware notifications to iPhone users at its games using iBeacon technology. The team will deliver the usual reminders, video content, and promos available to those at the game. The opt-in notifications of their iBeacon technology will include the following: ...

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