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Cubeacon Portal – iBeacon Device and SDK Service

Cubeacon is Now Available in iOS!


Cubeacon is now available in iOS! iOS developers can celebrate now because we just launched Cubeacon in App Store. The features include: Locate Beacon to detect iBeacon devices around you. Transmit Beacon to turn your iPhone into iBeacon device. These features will help you to detect beacons and let your phone be beacon ...

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iBeacon Connects Attendees and Promotes Content Discovery at Cannes Lions 2015


Official Cannes Lions International Festival 2015 integrates with iBeacon technology to offer attendees a personalized experience featuring relevant content surfacing and meet-ups with like-minded event-goers. Powered by Eventbase, the same company handling SXSW 2015, Cannes Lions App leverages iBeacons installed throughout the festival grounds to deliver a variety of customized interactive ...

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Public Transportation is Now Using iBeacon in Bucharest


Bucharest has already installed 500 iBeacon devices on buses across the metropolis. The new Smart Public Transport (SPT) initiative will hopefully make the city safer and more accessible for the estimated 12,000 visually impaired citizens who live there. The Smart Public Transport project frees visually impaired users from having to rely ...

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5 Examples of Internet of Things for Health

IoT for Health

I wrote some examples about Internet of Things for Logistic and Agriculture previously. It was such a great implementation for Logistic since it can ease drivers to reach it destination and recognizing datas. Also, Internet of Things is really helpful for Agriculture for farmers managing their farm animals. Leveraging in ...

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