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iBeacon and Advertising

west edmonton mall using ibeacon

Beacons aren’t really about customer acquisition in-stores for many brands now. For Coca-Cola, Kraft and Papa John’s, the potential for beacons lies in their ability to optimise the customer experience through precision marketing rather than just simple point-of-purchase activation. – Source: The Drum. I couldn’t be more agree with what The ...

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iBeacon Technology Will Reduce Traffic


Saint John is a crowd city. Full of Cafe and Stores on in their downtown makes this city is full of shoppers and rush activity. City Councillor said, “We had a parking problem. Shopping in our core would often result in a ticket, or in customers going to shop and once ...

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Smaller Screen, Smarter Advertising


We’ve seen that moment when we started using a large screen as advertising. You can see it in a mall, in almost every corner of big city where it flashes some big seducing words or a video of people try to explain their products with various promo. The question is, ...

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Meet Cubeacon at The IoT Show 2015


The IoT Show 2015 that will be held on Singapore next September 22nd – 23rd, 2015 will include Cubeacon as Startup Partner in this event. Representing a startup from Indonesia, Cubeacon will also share some informations and knowledges regarding to Internet of Things. The IOT Show will address the new ...

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What You Need to Integrate With Eddystone


Named after an England lighthouse, Eddystone, Google have joined beacon space. The beacon space that was started from Apple with the name iBeacon on 2013, now has one more family. So, yes. Eddystone is technically  beacon. It broadcasts Bluetooth signal and deliver notification. Then what makes it different with iBeacon? ...

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Eddystone Trial at Airport


Glenn Tinley, Mexia Interactive’s President, revealed that Eddystone beacons are already being tested in the Mexia lab, and “we are also beginning testing in three airports, although not public tests as yet”. Public tests in airports could happen as soon as Q4, he said. Tinley is predicting higher beacon adoption ...

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