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Internet of Things in School Bus


Internet of Things is not always about that glorifying house that can do whatever you want just by one click. It is developed in more into safety such as in School Bus. The Fleet Maintenance Supervisor for the Saratoga Springs City School District has spent 35 years of his life in bus ...

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Samsung Adds Internet of Things into Their TV


The South Korean Electronic Company will add IoT technology into their upcoming lineup of Smart. Also their 2016 series of high-end, 4K-resolution LCD TVs (known as SUHD TVs). All will be compatible with the company’s Internet of Things platform SmartThings. With SmartThings enabled, you will be able to control other Smart ...

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Current Topic: Internet of Things


Current topic that has been talked this day is Internet of Things (IoT). Although it has been being the talk since years before, 2015 has been a great year where everyone is building IoT infrastructure. IoT company has been growing so big. They are making devices that is suitable for ...

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Hacking The Internet of Things Through 2015

hacking IoT

As the era of connected devices growing, security also need to be increased. One of major issue for Internet of Things is the security. Security Entrepreneur, Chris Rouland, bet his next company, an Internet-of-Things-focused security startup called Bastille, on the risks of hackable digital objects. And he argues that public understanding ...

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