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Cubeacon Portal – iBeacon Device and SDK Service

Track Every Journey With Mileage Count and iBeacon


Mileage Count, a B2B company provides fleet management solution, just launched the iBeacon automatic mileage capture system, that requires no driver interaction. It will begin recording the journey an also stop it automatically. By using wireless communication with a driver’s iPhone to recognise when they enter and leave the vehicle. Jez Strong, MileageCount product ...

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Self-Driving Smart Car from Microsoft

microsoft smart car

It is always not enough when we talk about technology and innovation, especially when there’s new trend. Consumer Electronic Show 2016 has been a spotlight for Internet of Things. By Wearables, home automation, connected devices, and smart watches being the hit, Smart Car is also something to look up. driverless ...

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Tips about How to Stay Sorted in the Workplace

Edit Article Howto Deliver Your Dog Shipping a dog might be irritating for both dog and seller. Additionally, it may not be safe. The Society recommends against shipping a dog by airplane until it’s absolutely necessary. You can find, nonetheless, approaches to reduce the threat on your pet, while in ...

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Smart Home Challenges

smart home challenges

If you are going to upgrade your regular home into a smart home, you need to understand what mostly smart home do. At least, understand how it works. Because smart home is not just being smart and it means you need to do something to make your home smart. If ...

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Göz – Bathroom Security for Smart Home


Design research revealed that the bathroom is a very dangerous place for both young and old alike. According to Centers for Disease Control’s report, almost 235,000 nonfatal bathroom injuries were treated in U.S. Emergency Departments. Surprisingly, there isn’t a smart safety product in the market that solves the problem seamlessly and ...

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