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Cubeacon Portal – iBeacon Device and SDK Service

Cubeacon Card – The New Version of Beacon


  The new version of beacon is now available. Cubeacon Card is now available in a limited stock. Read the details of Cubeacon Card below: Datasheet will be available to download only by request via email. Contact cs@cubeacon.com for more information    

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How iBeacon Works at Office


We have seen the story about many smart environments. Started from home to the airport, Smart technology has brought to our lives, in many different ways. One of them is using iBeacon technology. As in Hamad International Airport where they built smart airport with iBeacon that can do boarding pass scanner, ...

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How iBeacon Works at Airport

CD Riegel mit A 380 Lufthansa Maschinen und Vorfeldkontrolle

This year, airports are competing to give the best experience for their customer. This competition is involving a lot of technology and innovation. Taking step further from smart home, the “smart” concept is brought to the Airport. We can see there are more and more Airport and Airlines this day ...

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Lufthansa Uses iBeacon Technology in Their Lounge

Lufthansa lounge

Lufthansa airlines has trialed iBeacon technology successfully. The beacon will be used to sell “upgrades” into its Business Lounges. The technology is compatible with Lufthansa app. Travelers who’s already had the app in their smartphone can be notified of “offers and services relevant to their current location and that will make their ...

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Roadmap of The Internet of Things

future of IoT

The world around us will be “connected” in the future. That’s the internet of things in a nutshell. Our cars, homes, and cities will be seamlessly communicating with each other. People are ready for Internet of Things and it keeps growing. The Internet of Things (IoT)—a sophisticated network of objects ...

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