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Cubeacon Portal – iBeacon Device and SDK Service

iBeacon Smart Drive

ibeacon smart car drive

Automatic smart assistant-drive has received a software update over-the-air. In this update, the device has been connected with the ability iBeacon. If you have not heard, this iBeacon is software that acts as a personal assistant to the owner of Apple products, which will lead the user to the nearest ...

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IBeacon Reach Buyers of Apple in the U.S

ibeacon geofancing USA

Apple uses sensors iBeacon newly launched virtual — and personally – accompany the buyer an iPhone, iPad or iPod at the Apple Store stores in the United States. The code included in the iOS mobile operating software that allows the sensor to the latest tell when one output gadget California-based ...

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Geofencing technology from iBeacon

geofencing ibeacon

Apple finally officially activate iBeacon technology in the Apple Store hers. In fact, the technology is controversial because it looks like stalking what people do. The technology developed by this iSpy will track what a person sees when walking around the Apple Store. By doing so, Apple salesperson will be ...

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iBeacon Smart Notification for Offline and Retail Store

ibeacon retail shop

This software will guide visitors to the nearest Apple Store. And when I set foot into the store, this software will also guide visitors a better understanding of Apple products. This is software that has just been announced that the Cupertino company. iBeacon, a software wizard that works via Bluetooth. ...

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iBeacon for Indoor Mapping and Geolocation

indoor mapping ibeacon

Apple will soon introduce a new product iBeacon, which allows the user to know the details in the room, such as services like the Global Positioning System (GPS) outdoors. With iBeacon, an application can detect users of Apple products in the accuracy within a few centimeters. Thus, users can find ...

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Nearby competitors Apple iBeacon

google nearby ibeacon apple

A leaked new information has revealed that Google is currently preparing Nearby, features messaging service that provides information to existing Android users around a specific location. Nearby (Area) is said to be available after an update Google Play Services. Based on the leaked screenshots found, Nearby services will allow users ...

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