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Cubeacon Portal – iBeacon Device and SDK Service

Retail Analytics Feature in Ibeacon

ibeacon analytics featured

In ibeacon, you will find the feature of retail analytics and user analytics. This will inform the customer about the promo, bonus, and discount that they can get. In fact, the process of transmitting information from the ibeacon to your gadget can be done fast! With the uses of ibeacon, ...

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Bluetooth Smart Feature in Ibeacon

BLE feature

When it comes to using bluetooth smart, many people will answer that it can be found through ibeacon. Ibeacon is a success innovation which is now widely used by many people in the world. The presence of this ibeacon is effective so that people can do their mobile payment or ...

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Cheap Ibeacon with Full of Functions


With the existence of cheap ibeacon, many people can now obtain this product easily. This is the product that will become famous in the future. It can be seen through how this product is popular among the world at the present. With better technology available in ibeacon, people will be ...

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Buy Ibeacon Japan with Many Benefits in it

buy ibeacon japan

It is time for you to facilitate your gadget of iOS 7 with ibeacon technology. In fact, many people like to buy ibeacon japan. It is obvious because this facility will be able to make you find easier to promote advertisement in local area or global area in the world. ...

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New Feature of Ibeacon Map

ibeacon map

The new innovation of ibeacon technology is now available to be used for iOS 7 gadgets that you have. The presence of ibeacon map is helpful for some people so that they can now use the low technology of Bluetooth from their gadget. In fact, it is like a sensor ...

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Advantage of Using iBeacon BLE


Because the majority of smartphone users spend time indoors, so often they experienced problems regarding signal problem. Instead of getting a GPS signal, to signal assigned the status updates just to be probably still would be very difficult. So what is the solution? Apple calls it as beacons or iBeacons. ...

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