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Cubeacon Portal – iBeacon Device and SDK Service

How to Use iBeacon in Your Business from Scratch

how to use ibeacon

If you are a business owner who wants to boost your sales with iBeacon, you can build it by yourself. It is actually pretty easy to use beacon at your business. Whether it’s a store or just a business venue, iBeacon is used to engage visitors and customers. This infographic ...

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Investing in Internet of Things Since Today


When Internet of Things and Big Data talks become a huge concern, Businesses are starting to jump in the same concern. Whether it is because of the big money or the value itself, Big Data and Internet of Things are the new “partner in crime” of digital era. Companies are ...

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Internet of Things will Change the Whole Retail Industry

gambar1 (3)

Internet of Things will be changing retail everywhere. It is a usual stuff where we shop and checking our smartphone. In fact, it becomes our habit. People nowadays prefer shop online instead of offline. These habits are making retailers changing their concept into digital with Internet of Things. Studies that ...

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Indoor Mapping to the Right Airport Gate with iBeacon Technology

future of IoT

There are getting more and more Airport implementing iBeacon Technology. Not only in the US, It is now spreading to Asia. It can’t be denied that this technology will be spread even further. Now that Hong Kong International Airport won the Gold Award in the Best Location-based Marketing Category at the ...

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